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New Patients

You’re warmly welcomed into our clean, bright office environment. Jenny or Cheree are here to greet you, or you might run into Dr. Dahl and Cheree’s daughters, Sydney and Shae, while you’re here. To prepare for your visit, you can complete the necessary paperwork ahead of time by downloading it from our website.

Getting Started

When you arrive, we can help you fill out forms if you were unable to before your appointment. You’ll go to a private room for a consultation with Dr. Dahl. Together, you’ll discuss your health history and current complaint and have an examination. If appropriate, we’ll talk about having X-rays taken.

Whenever possible, we’ll go over your X-rays and examination findings and adjust you immediately so that you don’t have to wait to feel relief. Otherwise, we may wait until the next day to give you a full report of our findings.

You can plan on this visit taking 30-45 minutes, along with some time for paperwork if not completed before your visit.

The Report of Findings

Dr. Dahl will sit down with you to go over your X-rays and examination findings, comparing them to a normal or ideal model of a spine. We’ll talk about what a chiropractic adjustment is and which techniques we feel are most appropriate for you. You’ll get our best recommendations for care, understanding how often we want to see you to give you the results you seek.

Coverage Information

We accept insurance and are happy to check your benefits for you. Please bring your insurance card with you to your visit. We also accept cash payments.

Book your appointment with our friendly, helpful team today. We look forward to starting on the road to recovery with you!

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