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About Us

Hailing from a family of chiropractors, Dr. Dahl knew early on he would enter the profession. His chiropractor uncles moved to Flagstaff in 1972, and Dr. Dahl’s family moved to Arizona from Minnesota in 1976. Their family’s connection is always close at by — you’ll find our practice in Suite 120 of the Dahl Professional Building.

Helping You Restore Full-body Health

RM Dahl Chiropractic opened in 2000. We see all ages, from kids to adults, including collegiate and professional athletes, weekend warriors and personal injury cases. There are a variety of healing solutions available to you at our office, from chiropractic to rehabilitation and physiotherapy to massage. These proven techniques are often most effective used in a combination. Dr. Dahl will evaluate your condition, then make our recommendations to you as to the most appropriate treatment options.

Regain Your Hope and Optimism

Many of our patients have lost hope in the traditional medical model. They’ve seen specialists and other practitioners without experiencing results. Often, chiropractic care can be highly effective for people who feel that they’ve exhausted other options. Recently, Dr. Dahl saw a young female patient who was missing school and seeing her grades suffer from painful migraine headaches. Within just weeks, her headaches lessened, and she hasn’t had a single one for some time.

We welcome the opportunity to find out how we may be able to help you! Contact us today to book your time.

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